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We like to blog about Costa Rica!

We are more than a real estate team. We feel as a big family and we always like to meet to share our ideas and perceptions about life, about Costa Rica, our activities, our daily life, our kids, our job, our clients, etc. We like to talk about simple things as which restaurants are betters, the last road who has been paved in town, who won the surf contest and where to get the special organic oil for a insect bite! We are from all around the globe and we all moved abroad for a better life. Some of us are Canadians, some are Americans, some are native Costa Ricans, some are Europeans. We are also a mix of Catholics, Christians, Jehovah's witnesses, Buddhists and deists! We are a colorful team, happy to be living the dream life in Costa Rica! We all chose Guanacaste to live our lives with our families.

By reading our blogs, you will feel different perceptions, different cultures, different religions within the same office. But all of us share one thing: we love our lives and we are very happy to work together and live the Pura Vida life!

Enjoy your reading :-)

Oct 01, 2015
Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. *Marcus Aurelius. When we want to make an investment in a foreign country, we want the same thing, we want…. Information, lots and lots of information! We get online and start searching:  Buying a property in Costa Rica..   Water in Costa...
Sep 17, 2015
One of the things that makes Costa Rica a great place for expats to call home is that Costa Rica has a lot of the creature comforts that you were used to having in your life before you came here. Things like.... modern grocery stores, good medical facilities (and very affordable) , and high speed internet. But in addition to those modern...
Sep 09, 2015
  We receive a lot of questions from our clients, from all around the world. How is the Costa Rica real estate market doing? what are people buying? Where are those people coming from in general? In which areas do people prefer to invest? There's different factors that affect our real estate market, and I am not a professional economist, but...
Aug 28, 2015
If you are one of those who’s looking to buy a lot in Guanacaste and would like to build your own place, it is important you are aware that we are experiencing drought condition in Guanacste due to “El Nino”. It is crucial that we all work together and be mindful of water waste and consumption. A few thing to consider when you are...
May 09, 2015
How it all got started: … Where do I start?  At the beginning of course! Seven years ago I got married to the best woman ever and moved to Costa Rica. Being married is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  After getting married, Elena and I moved to Huacas Guanacaste, a small town about 15 minutes from Tamarindo and Flamingo Costa...
Apr 30, 2015
Hi Friends, are you wondering what on earth is there for kids to do in this town. Well look no further, Tamarindo is great for kids and families. I will continue my Blog Post of  "A Few Of My Favorite Things...FOR KIDS to do in Tamarindo"  First, let's start with Friday night KIDZ CLUB!!! Hosted by Tamarindo Church, this KIDZ CLUB...
Mar 22, 2015
Well done Costa Rica, well done. The Cental American country has achieved a major clean energy milestone, meeting 100 percent of its power demand with renewable energy for 75 straight days.   “The year 2015 has been one of electricity totally friendly to the environment for Costa Rica,” the state-owned power supplier Costa Rican...
Feb 10, 2015
Costa Rica Ranks First in Central America and the Caribbean on the Global Peace Index by the Institute for Economics and Peace! When my wife and I decided nearly 20 years ago to relocate our family overseas from Vancouver Canada, safety was a big concern. In our search for a new home, we visited many countries that we enjoyed as tourists but...
Jan 26, 2015
Chris Spears has helped people to buy their first property in Costa Rica. Comments from an happy client! http://news.co.cr/buying-home-costa-ricas-gold-coast-conclusion/36670/
Jan 22, 2015
​Hi Friends, my name is Stacey Watson and I thought I would start writing about "a few of my favorite things" to do in Tamarindo and the surrounding areas. You know, even after 20 years of living in this not so sleepy fishing village, there are some things I can never get enough of. So, I thought I would share...