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Retiring in Costa Rica - What's the appeal?


The past 15 years in particular has seen expatriates from around the globe retiring to Costa Rica to enjoy a better quality of life. Many relocated prior to retirement – in most cases establishing their own businesses or working as consultants or contractors to Costa Rican companies. However, now that Costa Rica has vastly improved its infrastructure, accessibility and healthcare, it is attracting a growing number of retirees looking to start a new life in a peaceful country with great weather, friendly locals, fabulous beaches, excellent healthcare, and an overall high standard of living.

Amazing Climate

Costa Rica boasts one of the best year-round climates on the planet. The country offers more winter sunshine than either Hawaii or Florida.  The North Pacific Guanacaste province is the driest in the country, so we experience less humidity compared to other parts of Costa Rica and still get an abundance of sunshine even during our wettest months - September and October. The fabulous weather is great for both mental and physical health - no lack of vitamin D or confinement indoors for monts at a time! We enjoy our favorite outdoor activities - strolling on the beach, golfing, fishing - year round. 

Healthy Lifestyle and Longevity

Moreover, it seems as if the Costa Rican greeting of “Pura Vida” or “Pure Life” may be more than just a cool motto.  Costa Rican residents of all ages appear to be healthier as a result of living a more pure, relaxed lifestyle. In an Report Published by NBC, Demographer Dan Buettner found that residents on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica (where the Pacific Coast beaches of Flamingo and Tamarindo are located) survive to the age of 100 four times more often than men in the United States despite the fact that their medical costs are only about 7% as much.

For this reason, Buettner calls the Nicoya Peninsula a “blue zone” where a number of factors such as diet, climate, exercise, culture and environment combine to facilitate longevity and health. The water in the Guanacaste is potable, the diet consists of fresh tropical fruit, vegetables and fish, the climate is warm with lots of sunshine, and we enjoy access to outdoor physical activity year round. Pura Vida indeed!

World-Class Healthcare

Costa Rica healthcare has also benefited from an enviable social medical system, to which legal residents have access - including foreigners. Three hospitals in Costa Rica have been certified by the Joint Commission of International Accreditaion and Certification: Hospital CIMA, Hospital Clinica Biblica and Hospital Catolica. 

Hospital CIMA has just constructed a brand new facility in Liberia, and Clinicia Biblica also has a lab in the Liberia area. Tamarindo has several local medical clinics with certified doctors and ambulances, including:

Coast Medical Services – Tamarindo Office 2653-1974 / Huacas Office 2653-6440
Coast Emergency Medical – Villa Real Office 2653-0611