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Part I - A few of my favorite things to do while in Tamarindo

​Hi Friends, my name is Stacey Watson and I thought I would start writing about "a few of my favorite things" to do in Tamarindo and the surrounding areas. You know, even after 20 years of living in this not so sleepy fishing village, there are some things I can never get enough of. So, I thought I would share them with you with the hope that you might get the opportunity to enjoy them too while in Costa Rica. 


Sunset Sailboat Cruise aboard the Marlin Del Rey. This 5 hour excursion never ceases to thrill me. I don’t know if it is the wind blowing through my hair or the glimmer of salt water sprinkling aboard the boat. Or the excitement of the chance that, once again, I am going to see dolphins, whales, sting rays or sea turtles. Maybe its that I might get to see these amazing things with my young children that renews my excitement. I have done this tour a thousand times(only a slight exaggeration) and the coastline always takes my breath away, the transparency of the clear blue water calls to me and the sunset just stops me long enough to realize how truly blessed we are to enjoy this beautiful place.


Secondly on my list (in no particular order) would be to spend the day away at Lola’s Beach Bar in Avellanas Beach. Its not just because Lyle (my hubby) and I got married there, and its not just because it is at the end of an adventurous “road less travelled”. I think its because it is a place truly unique to itself. A mix of chill tropical paradise blended with exquisite food and eclectic style. This beach restaurant/bar is top on my list for wasting the day away with a surf board, family, books and a hammock. I love to walk the beach up to the estuary and search for shells and sea glass in the sand, swim with the kids in what we call “Mermaid Bay” or watch them jump the waves and ride their boogie boards. The food is fantastic, fresh fish and salads, pizzas and chicken satay, and Dutch fries for the kids. It is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the sun and fun at the beach.


Lastly, (for now) would be La Carolina Lodge. Once you have had fun in the sun, it is time to try something totally different. La Carolina Lodge is just a few hours out of town nestled on the side of Tenorio Volcano. It is a picturesque nature lovers paradise with exotic birds, animals, flowers and fruit trees broken only by the cool rivers that flow through the property where I think (figuratively) Heaven meets earth. This is where the famous Rio Celeste waterfall is located and a myriad of amazing hikes are to be found. Here is where I like to horse back ride and swim in the river and then relax in the natural river rock hot tub. The kids love the fishing, horseback riding, waking up early to milk the cows (they drink hot chocolate endlessly) and collect the eggs for our breakfast. The majority of the food is grown and raised on the farm and all cooked by BBQ and wood burning stove. The accommodations are perfectly rustic with just enough pampering to keep  you  comfy/cozy. The night air is cool and fresh and sometimes you get to sleep to the rhythm of the rain dancing on the roof. La Carolina Lodge is the perfect counterpart to the beach and a must see while you are here, its our secret spot.


I hope you enjoyed hearing about "a few of my favorite things” and I look forward to sharing more in the near future. Stay tuned!! Myself, (Stacey Watson) and RE/MAX Ocean Surf and Sun are here hoping to help you make the most of your experience in Costa Rica.