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A few of my favorite things ....FOR KIDS to do while in Tamarindo.

Hi Friends, are you wondering what on earth is there for kids to do in this town. Well look no further, Tamarindo is great for kids and families. I will continue my Blog Post of  "A Few Of My Favorite Things...FOR KIDS to do in Tamarindo" 
First, let's start with Friday night KIDZ CLUB!!! Hosted by Tamarindo Church, this KIDZ CLUB is great for kids and parents alike. It starts at 5:45pm- 7:30pm and is a free fun night held at Tamarindo Church on the main road coming into Tamarindo. It is filled with fun games, races, silly team challenges, snacks, music and a short message from the Bible. The kids love it and parents love that encourages team playing, building character, making friends  and loving God. Parents also love that it gives them a couple of hours to go enjoy a Date Night in Tamarindo. It is for kids from Kindergarden to 5th grade. Tamarindo Church is a non-demoninational Christian church where all families are welcome. Check out the KIDZ CLUB theme for the week at
Secondly, for the surfer in your family, there is Blue Zone Surf School an after school surf coaching for kids. Kids can spend a year learning how to surf. It's professional surf coaching with experienced instructors who are great with kids & speak a variety of languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. They have consistent practice at a variety of surf breaks and experience a team atmosphere and make friends! In addition they offer competition training and experience competing throughout.the surf season, November to May. Blue Zone Surf School loves to embrace the surf culture for youth.
Owner & Head surf coach, Heitor Abrahao first ran a surf school in Florianopolis, Brasil, where he was born and raised. He has worked with kids as an instructor for surf and martial arts for close to 20 years, in four countries and three languages. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese. 
This town as growing and so are the fun opportunities for kids. Stay tuned for my next report on "A Few Of My Favorite Things"
Best, Stacey Watson