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Costa Rica Climate - A fantastic weather!

Costa Rica weather is beautiful year-round

If you were wondering why three of the top five RE/MAX Caribbean Region agents are located in Costa Rica, this might help to answer your question. Weather is one of the primary draws for Costa Rica real estate buyers and vacationers from around the world.

Many of our clients who experience months of snow, ice, rain and grey surroundings are looking for warmth, sunshine, and tropical breezes, all of which we have in abundance. Costa Rica's diverse weather varies from province to province. Our Tamarindo office is located in the driest province, Guanacaste, on the spectacular North Pacific Coast. This area experiences excellent weather year round, with an average annual temperature between 85 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Many of our real estate clients tell us that they weren't sure that spending time in a tropical climate would suit them because they would miss the change of seasons. However, they have come to love Costa Rica's two very distinct seasons, both of which are beautiful. The dry season runs from late November to late April, which coincides almost exactly with the frigid winters of our neighbors to the North. Americans, Canadians and Europeans are delighted to spend time here during these rainless months, soaking up the sun on our spectacular beaches.

Map of Costa Rica's climate zonesGreen season (also called rainy season) lasts from May to mid-November. Residents and savvy travelers know that this season offers some of the prettiest months in the year, when even the driest areas get lush with exotic plants and flowers, and often mean reduced rates at hotels and restaurants. Many green season days see bright sunny mornings and early afternoons before the tropical afternoon showers begin. The rain is a wonderful excuse to lounge on your recently purchased covered terrace with a good book, take that siesta that you never get around to up North, or meet newly-found friends in a local restaurant for a cocktail.

While general weather of Costa Rica tends to be relatively consistent, the variety in microclimates does not cease to amaze us. Costa Rica is located within the 8th and 11th degree latitude lines, which places it automatically in the tropics. When people from the Northern Hemisphere hear the word “tropics”, they tend to think in only two adjectives: hot and humid. However, there are twelve climatic zones in Costa Rica, and even frost and hail in the coolest and highest regions. The temperature in Costa Rica is mostly determined by the elevation and other geographical factors, and not by “season” as in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our real estate agents live in the area where they work so they can tell you everything you need to know about the microclimates in that particular area, such as the wind directions, the humidity factor and the details on the rain. Costa Rica is a particularly small country with one of the largest ranges of climates and climate zones in the entire world. While this can make packing for your vacation an extra challenge, it also means that you’ll be able to take a beach vacation complete with rainforest adventures, chilly mountain hikes and volcanic views, all within a couple days. 

Currently, scientists are debating the exact number of climate zones in Costa Rica, as there are many ways to measure such areas. Using a variety of factors such as elevation, rainfall, and topography, local scientists are observing around 12 climate zones and possibly thousands of microclimates. Costa Rica, having such fertile soil and around 4% of the world’s total biodiversity, creates a situation where microclimates can be close together and wildly dissimilar. Whether you are visiting Costa Rica for a quick vacation or planning a long-term move, you’ll want to be familiar with these climates before settling on a destination. 

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