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The seasons in the Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Dry Season/High Season: Mid-End November to End April

The dry season for Costa Rica tourism begins around the United States holiday of Thanksgiving, in late November.  The dry or high season lasts through mid April. In many cases this schedule is driven by school’s vacation schedules so that the family can travel together.  It is also happens to be right about the time that people from the north are seeking warmer, summer-like conditions. This timeframe happens to coincide with the “dry season” in Costa Rica, which for the most part means a little less rain during your travels through Costa Rica. In general, tourism during the high seasons will mean that good prices will be more difficult to find; however, much of the pricing compares favorably to many other tropical tourist destinations throughout the world during this time period, for example Hawaii.  Many hotels, activities & point’s of interest will be slightly more crowded, but Costa Rica has a plethora of amazing tour options to choose from in a close proximity no matter where you are in the county.  In many cases the amount of visitors is limited in certain parks or attractions to avoid an over-crowded or un-enjoyable experience.

Costa Rica’s Green Season: May to Mid-End November

The green season is a wonderful time of the year to travel.  This term is currently being used to refer to the tropical rainy season from May through Mid-Nov when tourism is not at its peak. Tourism during this time of year can still provide for a wonderful experience, especially some of the more eco-touristy attractions. Rivers run higher, the rainforest becomes a little more mystical, and even the dry-forests of Guanacaste turn green and lush. Most places in Costa Rica receive their rain near the same time on most days during this season.  This way planning activities & outings are very possible. Many of the more unkempt roads become near impassible although by using professional itinerary design with professional transportation services you can reduce the probability of getting stuck.

When is a good time to visit Costa Rica? anytime, depending on what you want! Laying down on the pretty beaches of the area might be easier in Dry Season, but for a tropical feel with green plants and a lush forest, better come in the Green Season!


Isabelle Emond, Owner/Broker