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Playa Tamarindo and Playa Flamingo schools


We have seen an increasing number of families moving to the areas of Playa Flamingo, Playa Grande, and Playa Tamarindo in the last ten years with the addition of private schools that offer international accreditations.  A lot of our clients ask us about information on the education system so I wanted to provide some details and links about the local Flamingo and Tamarindo school options.

As a mother myself, I understand how important education is to families looking to relocate to the area. I have a child currently attending La Paz and another in Educarte, and have been satisfied with both programs.  

La Paz is located just outside of Playa Flamingo.  The school offers a bilingual education for students from Prekindergarten to high school.  The school believes in service learning and place based education.  The school is in the process of receiving an IB certification.  To find out more information, please check their website

Educarte / Saint Joseph is a bilingual school located just outside of Tamarindo. They use the constructivist methodology, where students learn by constructing knowledge, acquiring skills and habits of logical creative thinking, so providing them with tools for developing their emotional intelligence.  The school is preschool and primary school. More info here:

schools-tamarindoCosta Rica International Academy (CRIA) is the only American boarding school in Central America.  The mission statement of the school is a college preparatory, international school which inspires a passion for learning and provides children with the skills, values and courage to become responsible leaders in their communities and the world. The school is PK – 12 grade.  Please check the website

TIDE is a schooling program for those students with interests that expand beyond a conventional academic structure. While many students respond well working in a traditional, five-days-a-week school program, TIDE caters to those students with interests outside of school and need flexibility to incorporate their traveling, practices, and internships in their life. Find out more about tide academy at

Of course, children can attend the public schools in Tamarindo and the surrounding area. The public schools are from kindergarten to high school, and are located in most of the small towns.  The government of Costa Rica has put a high emphasis on education and some expats decide to enroll their children, particularly during the earlier grades, in the public school system.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the schools if you are looking to relocate to the area.

Courtney Borquet, RE/MAX Ocean Surf, Manager and Associate Broker