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Cost of electricity In Costa Rica Compared To The USA

One question we get a lot in Real Estate here in Costa Rica is: How much does electricity cost in Costa Rica?

Well, we are going to answer that question right now!  Clearly and with numbers. In Costa Rica the price of KWH pricing fluctuates depending on the time of day.

This pricing structure is quite common in various parts of the United States.

The price at which electricity is billed in Costa Rica is higher during "peak hours". 10:00am - 12:30pm  & 5:30pm - 8:00pm

The lowest price at which electricity is billed in Costa Rica are the hours between 8:00pm - 6:00am 


For those who don't want to interpret the charts below, I will give you the highlights:

Costa Rica electricity cost are: Peak Hours = 29 cents per kwh - Off Peak Hours = 5 cents per kwh

How do those rates compare to the United States?  California = 10 cents per kwh

                                                                                  Kentucky = 10 cents per kwh

                                                                                  Hawaii     = 38 cents per kwh

                                                                                  NYC        = 19 cents per kwh

One huge factor in your actual electric bill is A/C usage.  In a two bedroom 1000sqft house with two people = $125 per month. Your bill will vary depending upon size and usage.  

July 2014