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My Top Reasons to live in Tamarindo

You will get healthier

You will get healthier, either from surfing, running, fishing, standup paddle boarding, pilates, mountain biking, jiujitsu, mountain biking, from eating healthier or from just walking down the beaches, you will go to bed earlier, wake up with more energy and you will drink more natural smoothies instead of sugary soft drinks.

You will improve your mental health

You will change your mind, in a good way. When you get to Tamarindo you will see yourself gradually changing, growing, caring for the important things, looking at your past and not wanting to go back, you will be more with your family, your kids will have friends from all over the world and that will make them grow, you will be outdoors and not spending time sitting in your car in traffic jams.

You will love the Community and Lifestyle

It's a singular place of contrasts, Tamarindo offers the best of both worlds, you have all the comforts and services of living in a big town, great medical options, dentists, doctors and 24-7 hr open clinics and at the same time you are in the most beautiful Tropical Dry Forest, surrounded by white sand beaches and crystal clear clean waters. You can try to learn Spanish and also have the chance to speak English to anybody. The community is mixed up with expats from ALL over the globe, local ticos and ticos from all over the country too who, like you or me, at one point in life decided to invest in Tamarindo to stay forever.

Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world

Everybody wants to come to Tamarindo at least one time in their lives.  Costa Rica is one of the top 3 countries to surf in the world, it has won several tourism awards, we are the happiest country in the planet and the list of positive facts about Costa Rica just keeps growing. It's just a popular, safe country. Some of the visitors see opportunities in Tamarindo and end up developing their ideas. The potential is unlimited, Costa Rica is a developing country where you can still be a pioneer at what you do. Also, the fact is that the rentals in Tamarindo are hot, it's hard to find a place short term or long term.

It's a Foodie's Paradise

Is a small walking beach town, with a sense of community, at any given day you can be walking down the beach or streets and hear locals speaking in Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese, Hebrew. The business owners are international, everybody provides culture to our community and you can provide more of yours and of course learn from our Costa Rican culture. I love the Mediterranean cuisine at Schlomies, the Argentinean grill at Patagonia, Sushi at the Sushi Club, the Costa Rican food at the local "sodas", and the smoothies at the local smoothy shacks.

I buy my vegetables from the "tico" farmers market, our physiotherapist is American, the chef I use is Argentinean, my wife gets her nails done at the Colombian beauty salon, our decorator is French and my architect and builder are also Costa Rican.

And you? what are you waiting for? Invest in Tamarindo, our political climate is friendly to foreigners, you can feel absolutely safe and secure investing in Paradise.

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Alejandro Amador, Re/Max real estate agent