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English Speaking Churches in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

One of the things that makes Costa Rica a great place for expats to call home is that Costa Rica has a lot of the creature comforts that you were used to having in your life before you came here. Things like.... modern grocery stores, good medical facilities (and very affordable) , and high speed internet. But in addition to those modern amenities, one of the things that makes Costa Rica more of a "home away from home" for many is the presence of English-Speaking Churches in Costa Rica.  


Finding a church when moving to Costa Rica can mean instant community and family for who have decided to call Costa Rica "home" for a season... or long-term. In our home town of Tamarindo alone, there are three churches that have English Speaking Services.  

Of course.... Tamarindo isn't the only place with English Speaking Churches in the country. You can find a list of English speaking churches in Costa Rica here. And even if you don't have to plan live here permanently, be sure to visit these local English speaking churches. Having regular seasonal visitors at church is the norm down here... and visitors are always welcome!