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Playa Junquillal Costa Rica

Playa Junquillal, a wide two mile swath of beach south of Playa Negra, featuring gentle surf and a laid back atmosphere. Although some roads are still primitive, the area is growing and offers tranquility and longer-term Costa Rica real estate opportunities, such as the sustainable gated community of Tierra Pacifica

Playa Junquillal is the perfect escape if you wish to avoid the traffic and noise of the other beaches, and is great for a tranquil stroll alone or with your partner while enjoying the sunset. The community of Playa Junquillal is less developed than it’s neighboring beach communities, which seems to be a factor of attraction for the people who visit it, given it’s “old pueblo” feel and noticeable rusticity. There are many things to do in the area: taking a river tour, snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, surfing, deep sea fishing and horseback riding.

Playa Junquillal is also well known for it’s high quality of surf, powerful waves and stable tides. There’s a beach break and a left handed reef break. The swells are best when oriented on the southwest direction and the waves coming off the reef break are best ridden at high tide, the beach break of Playa Junquillal breaks in both directions over a sand bottom. The waves are fast, hollow and powerful riding up to 300 meter on a good day. Even though the waves are consistent throughout the year, the best time to surf in Playa Junquillal is from December to March. Playa Junquillal is on the eyes of all the experienced surfers of the area as well as the nearby surf camps, that arrange road trips to take their students out to its shores.

There’s a solid amount of hiking trail tourism in the area with 3 main trails, in Spanish “senderos” such as, Sendero El Carao, Sendero el Estero Seco and Sendero La Laguna. These are transited on a regular basis by tourists looking to get a good look at the flora and fauna of the Guanacaste dry forest. There’s a gorgeous islet off the shores of the Junquillal Bay it’s called Isla Muñecos, known amongst local fishermen for year-round fishing and another one of the attractions in the area, popular amongst snorkeling lovers.

The village of Playa Junquillal has a little mall with a grocery store, a doctor's office and many other amenities. It's a growing little town since the main road to access the village has been paved from Tamarindo and Santa Cruz. We have many properties as lots, condos and homes for sale, contact us for a complete list of inventory. 

In 1988 the company Ranchos Horizontes donated the 505 hectares that are known today as the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Bahia Junquillal, an area where many ecological and cultural aspects of the Guanacaste province converge. It is situated on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and about 30km south of Tamarindo and 5.5km south of Playa Negra. And it’s a wide two mile swath of beach, featuring gentle surf and a laid back atmosphere. Secluded copper colored beaches spotted with tide pool, lush flora on the background and clean shores accurately describe the town, although some roads are still primitive, the area is growing and offers tranquility and longer-term Costa Rica real estate opportunities.

Playa Junquillal was also awarded with the Ecological Blue Flag Award, which is an award given to beaches that comply with a certain standard of cleanliness. Making this beach one of the cleaner beaches of the entire province.


Beach pictures of Playa Junquillal