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We like to blog about Costa Rica!

We are more than a real estate team. We feel as a big family and we always like to meet to share our ideas and perceptions about life, about Costa Rica, our activities, our daily life, our kids, our job, our clients, etc. We like to talk about simple things as which restaurants are betters, the last road who has been paved in town, who won the surf contest and where to get the special organic oil for a insect bite! We are from all around the globe and we all moved abroad for a better life. Some of us are Canadians, some are Americans, some are native Costa Ricans, some are Europeans. We are also a mix of Catholics, Christians, Jehovah's witnesses, Buddhists and deists! We are a colorful team, happy to be living the dream life in Costa Rica! We all chose Guanacaste to live our lives with our families.

By reading our blogs, you will feel different perceptions, different cultures, different religions within the same office. But all of us share one thing: we love our lives and we are very happy to work together and live the Pura Vida life!

Enjoy your reading :-)

Staff Writer
Jan 29, 2017
Costa Rica is an amazing land full of its share of beauty and naturals wonders, and visiting or living in Costa Rica has always come with a measure of excitement and fascination. Traveling to Costa Rica however, has not always been easy. There are wonders to see and do in almost every region and Guanacaste, in the northwest section of the country...
Isabelle Emond
Jan 18, 2017
I thought I could share this great commentary published in the CNBC paper. It's always good to have real feedback! Unlike some foreign nations, Costa Rica has nothing to worry about; state-of-the-art services are available here in all branches of medicine and dentistry. Costa Rica has both public and private healthcare sectors. Every town...
Derrick Poelsma
Oct 14, 2016
Food, glorious food. You might be thinking. What does food have to do with real estate? Well my friends, yes, it gives us basic sustenance. The older we get, the more we appreciate having variety and options in our choices of what we eat. On a hot day, it helps to know that the area that you have chosen to buy has places where you can purchase...
Estela Reyes
Oct 04, 2016
La economía costarricense ha ido dando un giro bastante significante en los últimos años y en especial a finales del 2015 y lo que va de este, según algunos estudios y estadísticas de economistas costarricenses para periódicos como El Financiero y La Nación han dado su punto de vista y experta...
Chris Spears
Aug 27, 2016
Look at these questions and imagine yourself asking them of a prospective Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica. Have you ever built a house in Costa Rica? Have you ever visited the Municipality and applied for building permits? Have you ever met with contractors and negotiated prices? Not only looking for the lowest price from...
Aug 16, 2016
Are you thinking of investing in property in Costa Rica and using it as a vacation rental? That is a great idea and one that many people have profited from over the years. This idea allows you to buy a property at it’s best price and then use it to bring in revenue for yourselves. It might be that you are in the beginning of a 5 year plan to...
Aug 04, 2016
  COSTA RICA ranked #1 again in the Happy Planet Index as one of the happiest places on earth to live.  Costa Rica ranked first in both the the 2009 and 2012 editions. Those of us who have the incredible good fortune to live here are not surprised.  We enjoy a very high standard of living in a...
Jul 23, 2016
Tired of being stressed, pressured at work or stuck in traffic for hours? if you are reading this blog, it likely means that you are going through the process of changing your lifestyle. Well, then you just knocked on the right door. Costa Rica and more specifically Tamarindo and the area where we, REMAX agents, are working. It is the place where...
Jul 20, 2016
  I have been reading a lot online recently about the world economy, the terrorism, the politic in the world, and all of what is published on the thousands of news websites. The world had changed so much since I am young that I have the impression I am 95 years old but I am actually just 43.  When my parents were bringing us in...
Jul 19, 2016
J-10, c’est l’heure du Bilan ! Après 80 jours passés au Costa Rica, je peux dire que ma façon d’être et ma façon de penser ont énormément changées. Jeune fille de 20 ans, n’ayant jamais quitté la France, je me voyais travailler dans une petite entreprise Française, proche de ma famille. Maintenant, mes projets se sont énormément élargis. Je...