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If you are one of those who’s looking to buy a lot in Guanacaste and would like to build your own place, it is important you are aware that we are experiencing drought condition in Guanacste due to “El Nino”. It is crucial that we all work together and be mindful of water waste and consumption. A few thing to consider when you are going to build and have low impact on local water sources is to be conscious of how you landscape and the type of plants you use. In Guanacaste, it is best to use Xeriscaping and plants that require minimal irrigation during dry season and also use of eco friendly septic system that recycles black/grey water for trickle irrigation systems. Drainage basin and catchment basins are also brilliant useful systems to consider and highly recommended and encouraged in dryer regions. Costa Rica has made meaningful progress in expansion of water services in urban areas over the past decades. Approximately 99% of the urban population is connected to water supply (as compared to an average of 90% in the Latin American Country Region), a significant increase from 92% in 1990. Around 48% had urban sanitation connections to public sewerage or had individual septic tanks. Rural coverage is lower, with about 95% of the 1.7 million rural inhabitants connected to public water supply, 96% of the population has access to improved sanitation, mostly through the use of septic tanks. Because of its achievements in increasing access to water supply and sanitation, the UN Special Rapporteur for the human right of water and sanitation has said after a visit in 2009, "Costa Rica (is placed) among the most advanced countries in the Latin American and Caribbean regionIf you would like to know more about the requirements to get a building permit, I’ll be happy to assist you and send more information! 

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If you own a vacant lot Costa Rica, it is advise that you maintain your water letter current with the AYA or your local Asada, or get one if you don’t have it. This letter is necessary to get a building permit, it’s a proof that you have legal water on your property. We won’t be able to sell your property if you cannot provide this letter. If you do not plan on building right away or if you plan on selling at a later date, it is good to know that they are only valid for 12 months at a time. New water letters may be limited depending on your location, especially if your property is in a developing beach town in Guanacaste as there is a high water demand and the infrastructure is still being developed. 

Contact us today, and we will help you find that perfect titled property, walk you through the steps of permitting and point you in the right direction for reputable architect and builders so you too, can bring your dreams of having a tropical retreat here in beautiful Costa Rica to fruition!

Derrick Poelsma