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You've Got Questions About Costa Rica - We've Got Answers! ("Opinions")

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. *Marcus Aurelius. When we want to make an investment in a foreign country, we want the same thing, we want…. Information, lots and lots of information! We get online and start searching: 
Buying a property in Costa RicaWater in Costa Rica..  Crime in Costa Rica.. People in Costa Rica.. Cars in Costa Rica.. Internet in Costa Rica..  Cable TV in Costa Rica..  Language in Costa Rica..  Schools in Costa Rica.. How to learn Spanish in Costa Rica - Our lists are long and our lists are different. 
But one thing we all have in common is, we all want more… INFORMATION! 

So we begin our search: Water in Costa Rica. So lets take that one. What is the deal with the water in Costa Rica? I did just that.  First link, right to Trip Advisor.  Here is the question from the curious:

And just under his/ her question.. VARIOUS answers. A wide range of  “opinions”. Ranging from: “I have been drinking the water and make ice straight from the faucet with no problems for 10 years”.  To the next one: “I got so sick from the water in Costa Rica, it ruined my vacation”. 
These types of inquiries are hard to satisfy. Why? Because people are different☺I have been drinking to water here in Costa Rica for seven years, not one problem☺ My wife has no problem with the water either here in Costa Rica. That being said, when my wife visits the USA, water makes her sick. Why? It never has made me or my family sick..  Because people are different. 

Then there is quite a bit of information that is out dated and no longer applies. Like what? Here is a typical one:
Someone investigates online about Internet in Costa Rica.  They read online that the Internet is Very Slow and unreliable☹ Then they ask me, how’s the internet in Costa Rica?  What is my response to questions about the Internet in Costa Rica?  AWESOME! Way faster than what my friends have back in the States! Then they ask, and is it reliable? Yep! How often does it go off during the day..?
And I say..? During the day!.. You mean during a year? Then they say, no per day, its because I read online…Then I ask, what was the date on that article? The response? – 2012
A lot has changed in the world since 2012! My cell phone Internet is faster now than my house internet was in 2012! And it does not go off! Sometimes, not very often, the Internet may go down because of a storm. And the repair people are on it! Fast!  
Another one I hear: “How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica?” 
Again, at tricky question.. Because… People are different.  I may like to eat out at restaurants 4 times a week and you love to cook at home☺ Or, I like the widows open during the day and use the A/C only at night.. Very different costs of living for each of these. Why? Were different. And they people who write articles online about the costs are different from you and different from me! So food items are more expensive here, Doritos cost more in Costa Rica than in the States. I am just glad I can have some when I want some! If they cost a dollar more, I don't care.  Some people care, A LOT. And they really focus on the dollar difference! I don't!

I know you have questions. I had them also. Contact me today and lets talk. I have my opinions and (facts) about Costa Rica and I will help guide you. Do I need a 4x4 car in Costa Rica? Is there a place to buy Gluten Free in Costa Rica?  Is there a place to take dance lessons? You have questions, how do I know?  Because you are reading the Blog I wrote☺ 
Chris Spears