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What is that fruit?

Courtney Borquet

A visit to the local fruit market in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a variety of different fruits that you might not find in your home country.  You can find the best selection in the local fruit and vegetable markets. In the Tamarindo area, you can find wonderful fruit and vegetables as well as many other local and handcraft items at the market on Saturday morning.  The town of Santa Cruz also offers a great fruits and vegetable market on Saturday mornings.  Just a few of the fruit you want to make sure you try include:

Guanabana fruitGuanabana – Is a fruit found in Costa Rica as well as other tropical countries.  It is also commonly known Soursop.  It has a green skin with spines. You can eat the white pulp, but make sure to avoid the black seeds.  Many people make smoothies from the pulp. 

Maracuya fruitMaracuya –The best way to eat it is to break it open and use a spoon to eat the small black seeds and juice, or open it in half like a bowl and just suck out the seeds and juice. This great fruit is also called Passion Fruit by many people. 

Guava fruit

Guava – This is a green fruit with a white center with small seeds.  You can the eat the whole fruit.

Guaba fruitGuaba – The fruit is located in a long pod.  You just open the pod and eat the white pulp that is around the large seed.  Most people suck off the fruit and spit out the seed. 

Pitaya fruitPitaya – This beautiful purple fruit grows on a cactus.  It is know as a Dragon Fruit in other parts of the world.  You can cut it open and eat the purple flesh and small black seeds with a spoon.  It is also delicious in smoothies with bananas, orange juice, or lime.  It is full of vitamins minerals, and antioxidants.

Make sure to also try the different types of bananas including: bananas moradas (purple bananas), plantanos, and Nino (baby) bananas. 

Courtney Borquet, Owner/Broker