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Water situation in the Avellanas and surrounding areas

Alejandro Amador

Maybe many of you may have fallen in love with Playa Avellanas as I did back in 2001. How not to fall in love with this peace of pristine paradise? This blog entry is intended to share my insight knowledge about the water situation in the Avellanas area and also a bit about the road status from Hernandez to Paraiso.

My family and I own property in the Melinas 1 section, located very close to the river mouth entrance and 500 meters from the famous Lola´s beach entrance. A few neighbors from Melinas 1 and Melinas 2 sections paid for a "technical study" to present to AYA Authorities (Acueductos y Alcantarillados, main governmental authority for water infrastructure) and got the guidance and respective approvals to be able to hook up either to the extension from the Paraiso aqueduct coming from the South, which is happening right now, or enable 3 underused wells in the San Jose de Pinilla area.

As of today we are waiting for the Asada of San Jose de Pinilla to provide us information about the properties they own and the yearly consumption of their aqueduct. AYA needs this precious information to figure out where to connect us.

Now why is all this confusing information relevant? 

  • Neither AYA or a local Asada (Local water association) provides water to Avellanas beach, all businesses and houses get their water from private wells. Some are registered, some are hand dug or artisan, and some are drilled wells.
  • There is a part of Melinas 1 section subdivided as a horizontal condo project, provided by a strong community well.
  • A SECTION of Avellanas will be connected to a formal aqueduct in the near future, a year or two, so we will recommend you a property that is located in this section.
  • You need to make sure you have access to a strong water source in order to be able to get a construction permit.
  • You can get an amazing deal on a property right now, as long as you chose the right area. It will be a great investment in 2 years as the development is moving South of Tamarindo.

In 2005, we were blessed by finding water on our property. We built 5 beautiful Villas and now we couldn’t be happier about renting and living a dreamed lifestyle, in one of the most amazing beaches in the world! We get to meet people from all around the world and have good return on our investment. If you have visited Avellanas this rainy season, you probably had bumpy impression… but don’t worry any longer because the municipality right now is in the process of receiving bids to fix the road from Hernandez to Paraiso. It will not be paved but at least flattened with more gravel. For all of us living here, it’s awesome news!

I will get you all updated when there are news. In the mean time, I’d love to guide you in the best direction when it comes to buying in this beautiful area! Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a place to stay! We will be happy to meet you!

Alejandro Amador, Re/Max Real Estate Agent