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Where to train in Tamarindo area

Staff Writer

yoga in tamarindo areaWhen people move to Costa Rica, and mostly in the Tamarindo area, many ask us if there is a place to practice their favorite sport such as a gym, yoga or to practice their combat sport. Many people think that because they are in the tropics, the only sports available are surfing and trekking under the coconut trees. Some like this kind of training and that's great for them. But there's something for everyone and for me and a lot of my fellows, we'd rather sweat under a weight bar than try to take a picture of a frog while trekking and sweating (which attracts mosquitoes!).

For those who are like me, some options here:


In Costa Rica, many vacationers or residents practice yoga or other similar activities. I even think that yoga is as important as surfing in this country. Everywhere, we practice yoga on the beach, in the forest and of course, in a room with AC. In the Tamarindo area, several places offer different yoga classes for just about all tastes and for all levels: Ser Om Shanti yoga studioYoga Reflection TamarindoMermaids and SailorsRevive Wellness centerThe Empower yourself project. There are a multitude of other places for all tastes. 


Ten years ago, it was quite difficult to find a good training room in the vicinity of Tamarindo. Especially since the area was and still is known for its surfing beaches. But in recent years, several people have shown a growing interest in indoor training and now we have access to some particularly interesting gym.

Some hotels like the Diria or the Occidental Langosta have their own gym but like many hotel, rooms are small with basic equipment and mostly leave it to yourself. Some options:

The Revive Center on the way to Langosta is equipped with a gym. The equipment is basic and the room is not very big but it offers a multitude of other services that make this place quite interesting and the owner is very friendly. It's perfect if you are just looking to keep up with your regular training and are not looking for lifting heavy weights.

In the complex of the Auto Mercado at the Garden Plaza, you will find Gracie Tamarindo MMA & Fitness. This room in addition to bodybuilding offers martial art fighting classes as well as boxing. In Huacas, the Pacific coast gym & fitness center is fairly well equipped, accessible for all but located in a very "local" area where you won't find many tourists. 

The Beach Club Hacienda Pinilla and the Beach Club Reserva Conchal have the particularity of being in gated communities. They are only available to residents of these communities but interesting if you are living there. These gyms are especially well equipped for those who do not train at a higher level but also offers Pilates, Yoga and personalised training. Those beach club also have a spa and jacuzzi area. 

In Flamingo, you will find The jungle Gym. This gym is located on the road to Flamingo near the school La Paz. Well equipped, this gym offers various services available to the general public.

In Tamarindo, we have the Tamarindo gimnasio. Newly renovated and well equipped, in addition to the gymnasium, this place offers fitness classes of all kinds with additional access to a swimming pool and a childcare service. The clientele is a mixture of locals and expats with as many men as women. It has the advantage of being located near the city center. If you visit this gym, there's good chances you will see me training as I go there almost every day.

While staying in the Tamarindo area or just coming here for a vacation, you may be close to a gym. Some will say "Hell NO, I am on vacation" or "it is too hot to train in Tamarindo". The beach is always more attractive than going to the gym and to push metal bars. But for those who live here, it is another thing. Practicing in Costa Rica is relatively easier than practicing in a Nordic country. Thanks to the climate as well as the good and diet. Here, fresh fruits and vegetables are available year round for almost nothing and we do not consume our full-time energy to fight the cold. That being said, we drink more alcohool, but that will be addressed in another blog soon!

So no more excuses, let’s train the Pura Vida way! Martin Seguin, Broker's assistant and Real Estate Agent