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Flying or driving From Guanacaste to San Jose?

Chris Spears

Domestic airlines route map Costa RicaSo, you bought a place in Tamarindo or Flamingo and you want to go to San Jose. Do you fly or do you drive? Well, let’s look at the pros and cons.

First, if you fly, it’s much faster! But.. Once you arrive in San Jose, where are you going? How are you going to get there? That is the problem. It takes about 45 minutes to fly to San Jose. 30 minutes waiting to in airport getting ready for your flight. But then, once you are there, you need to go places and do stuff. Well, renting a car will add expense and time to your travels. As will taking a taxi, more expense. So, in the long run, it is usually best to drive. 

How long does it take? If you leave the beach area at “the right time,” you can drive to San Jose in about 4 hours. Some have told me that driving at night when there was no traffic, they did it in under 3 hours!  The best time to go, when is it?  When others are not doing it of course. Trying to go to San Jose on a Sunday at 3 pm is the WRONG time to go. Going at 9 am on a Friday morning is a great time to go. Coming back, Sunday night is a good time.

Why go to San Jose? Because there are lots of things there that you need, and they have good prices. There is Price Smart, just like Sam’s Club they have a good selection and good prices. Then there is Office Depot, Starbucks, Great Movie Theaters, Shopping Malls, and Computer Stores. Going to Escazu is just like going back to the USA The furniture is good and the prices are great! Kind of intimidated because you don’t know where you are going? In today's age of GPS, that is no problem. Google Maps will take you straight to store you want. In Spanish or English directions. So, buy your place at the beach, then drive to San Jose and get everything you need and want and good prices!

My name is Chris Spears, let me help you get your piece of paradise at the beach and show you the best places in San Jose to get the best deals!