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After the rain, the sun

Courtney Borquet

After Tropical Storm Nate we have been enjoying sunny days now in Tamarindo. The town of Tamarindo and the popular beach areas we serve were minimally affected by the storm Nate, however many outlining areas were affected by the heavy storms. Especially people inland that built in very low areas, or in riverbanks. 

It has been amazing to watch the community of Tamarindo and Flamingo reach out to help the surrounding villages. Local businesses, for example, Beachside Clinic, were quick to assist and gather supplies. The development associations in the local communities (ADI) of Tamarindo spread the word about the needs in the area, and ADI of Villareal opened a shelter in the community center and accepted over 100 local residents. Private residents collected and delivered supplies. Nonprofit organizations like CEPIA, ave counseling to people in the shelters and assisted children in the shelters and in the field. Everyone pitched in after the storm to help others.

An amazing event took place October 14, when local business owners formed an alliance to raise money for three nonprofits in the area ADI Tamarindo, CEPIA, and Hero Academy. The event took place at the La Vista restaurant, and included 3 DJs and a silent auction.  Over 300 people attended. These are just some examples of how special it is to live in this area of Costa Rica, and one of the many reasons I love to call Tamarindo home, the sense of community.

Courtney Borquet, Owner/Broker