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Three things to consider that will help make your move to Costa Rica a SUCCESS !!!!!

Stacey Watson

Choose YOUR Community well

A community is where you do life. It is made up of the people and places that you are around most of the time. It is where you shop, play, eat, socialize, meditate, go to church, walk, volunteer, adventure and relax. Your move to Costa Rica is so much more than just the home or condo you will live in. It is a lifestyle. Your community should reflect the lifestyle that most fits who you are and how you want to be. It is an opportunity to put yourself in a place and with people that can shape you for the better and help you to get the most out of your time and experience. This is a common oversight when people are looking to move to CR. They become more concerned with the house or condo they will buy and not pay as much attention to the community they will be spending their time in. So before you decide on what the criteria you are looking for in your home, think about the kind of community you would like to be a part of and what you envision for yourself. Ask your realtor to guide you to the community that best fits who you are and matches your dreams and ambitions.


Think outside the BOX

Don't come with too many preconceived notions about what your home should be like. Be open to thinking outside the BOX. Many people what a change when they consider an international move, then try to recreate exactly what they are leaving behind. Consider that what might have been a typical life choice where you are from, might not be the best choice here. For example, someone might be accustom to living in a large house with a big yard out of town and away from neighbors. They would like to copy lifestyle and have that familiarity here. Then they come to find that their lifestyle here has changed. They find that they are spending more time in outdoor activities and enjoying traveling the country and exploring nature. They find that they have more social engagements with friends here in the beach communities, they go out to the many restaurants and get involved with the events happening locally. They might find that a condo or smaller home closer to the beach and town would be ideal. Something with less maintenance and that would require less time would fit their lifestyle here better. So when looking for properties, think about what your future would be like and what kind of home would fit best with your new lifestyle. Your realtor can help you consider what might be the best match for the new lifestyle you are wanting to live.


Enjoy the Challenges

It is very exciting and fun to move internationally. But realize that initially, you are probably going to be way out of your comfort zone. There are a new culture and community you will be fitting into, possibly a new language, new stores, currency and new foods. It will take time for you to learn the ropes of how to get things done, where to go for this and that, who knows who to get this done. All of this unknown seems frustrating at times. But this is part of the process and you will find that these challenges are the same motivations that get you asking questions, meeting and connecting with new people and exploring your community. These first steps in networking and getting to know your way around will help you build your circle of friends and teach you about the area and whats available where. So instead of letting the unknown frustrate you, take a deep breath and consider everything a learning experience. Make the most of the learning and enjoy the ride. You might meet a new friend, find a restaurant you like, run into a secluded beach that becomes your "secret" spot. Give yourself some time, and a break and don't take your challenges too seriously, enjoy the ride...Pura're in Costa Rica. And before you know it, you will be helping the new person in town.


Stacey Watson, Remax Agent