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The difference between residency and citizenship

Image of a Cedula, or Costa Rica residency cardThere’s a marked tendency in our country to confuse "Residency" and "Citizenship" terms with each other, mostly due to ignorance on the subject, misleading information that we see in the media or simply what we hear from people around us. If you are a foreigner and wish to reside temporarily or permanently in Costa Rica, you should be well informed in this matter in case you are thinking to get your residency.

Debt per capita in Costa Rica

The debt per capita in Costa Rica is very low, with US$ 7,200/citzen. "Per capita" numbers are always a great way to compare different economies from around the world. If every citizen in a country suddenly became liable for paying an equal share of the national debt, there would be serious problems, especially when an individual’s portion of the national debt is more than an entire year’s salary. As you will see on the chart below, there's SERIOUS issues in North America, Europe and Asia.


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