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New Listings Update

November on the North Pacific Guanacaste coast has gotten off to a beautiful start. After our normal wet months of September and October, the area is lush and green. However, we're definitely experiencing the transition into the dry season, as we see more sunshine everyday and the air is noticeably less humid.

Bill Seeks to Ban Genetically Modified Foods in Costa Rica

Opposition Bill to Place a Moratorium on Genetically Modified Produce and Seed Crops

Environmental groups and lawmakers joined forces to file a bill to Congress on Friday, October 18, 2013 for a moratorium on the growth of genetically modified (GMO) crops in Costa Rica because of their potentially detrimental effects on nature and human health. 

Canadians Love Costa Rica - Calgary Herald

Canadians in Costa Rica - Great Article from the Calgary Herald

rainy_vancouverIt's common knowledge that Canadians love Costa Rica.  My family and I are originally from Vancouver, BC - truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The problem is obvious though.  Depending on what part of Canada you come from, the weather ranges from mediocre to downright miserable for about 8 months of the year.

How to Buy Property in Costa Rica

Steps to Buying in Costa Rica

Costa Rica real estate agent Chris Spears explains the property purchase process in this video.  He also addresses some frequently asked questions about how to buy property in Costa Rica.  This video should be of assistance with your due diligence as consider whether or not buying in Costa Rica is right for you.  Of course, if you have more detailed questions, feel free to contact Chris Spears or another member of our Re/Max team for more information.  We look forward to assisting you. Pura Vida!


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