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Great veterinarian services in Tamarindo area

Courtney Borquet

If you are looking to relocate to Playa Tamarindo, you might be looking into bringing your cat or dog with you. New residents that have their furry family members with them are often seeking a good veterinarian for regular checkup appointments, grooming, mediations, and emergency care.

There are some issues with specific pet diseases in Costa Rica, including tick fever (Ehrlchia) and heartworms so regular treatments are important for the health of domestic pets. Most veterinarian do have supplies and treatments that people use in the United States for ticks and fleas including NexGuard and Frontline. Parasite pills are also important for your animal when they are living in the tropics. Your veterinarian will be able to give you the best recommendations on what your animals need. The prices are also much less for veterinarian services than people might have seen when living in the United States and Canada.

In the Playa Tamarindo area, there are a few great veterinarians. Dr.Cavallini is located in Villa Real, just a short drive from Playa Tamarindo, and he offers services including health, food and medicine products for animals, grooming services, and emergency care. Specialty services are also available from the office to help pet owners from house calls and pet taxi to a pet hotel. The pet hotel offers services to care for your dog while you are in vacation. You can contact Cavallini Veterinarian Hospital at 2652-9009. 

Karla Carvajal vet is also an awesome option for pet owners. She has an office in Villa Real, close to the turn to  Playa Tamarindo. Traditional veterinarian services are available and specialty services including cat and dog grooming, as well as products for purchase. You can reach the veterinarian by contacting 2653-0796.

These two professional veterinarian offices are a wonderful options if you are looking for good care for your domestic animals. Please remember to check for an update on the Costa Rica requirements for bringing cats and dogs into the country during your trip planning. You should also verify the regulations by the particular airline that you plan to travel. Many airlines made changes in 2018 in regards to the size and breeds that they will transport, and most will not transport animals during particular months of the year.

Courtney Borquet, Broker/Owner