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Cultural details about the Guanacaste in Costa Rica

Did you know that on July 25,1824 Costa Rica received Guanacaste with open arms, formerly known as “La Gran Nicoya”? With this, our nation not only enlarged its territory, but incorporated its major cultural asset. We all know Guanacaste is a great place, full of contrasts unlike other regions in Costa Rica. Measures 10,140 km2 and volcanoes, beaches, flora and fauna abound.

What Does Pura Vida Mean?

Sloth representing the laid back Pura Vida lifestyleOnce you arrive in Costa Rica, it won’t be long before you hear someone say “pura vida”. It’s one of the most common expressions in Costa Rican culture, and according to dictionaries, it has at least seven different uses. It’s used to say hello and goodbye. Pura vida is used as a description, a condition, and a philosophy.


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