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Cryptocurrency in Costa Rica

Cryptocurrency in Costa Rica - What’s Happening?

Cryptocurrency is always in the news. Whether its value is rocketing skyward or plummeting downward, people are talking about it. Even governments take a stand on crypto. Two have adopted it as their official currency, and others are definitely against its use. Where does Costa Rica stand on crypto? What’s going on in other Central American countries? 

Inflation Versus Asking Prices in 2022

You may be looking for a property in Costa Rica at the moment and wondering how much the condo you are dreaming of is worth. Are the asking prices inflated because of the pandemic or the high demand? Since there's no MLS in Costa Rica, it may be difficult for you and your realtor to get a real evaluation on a property. Let me help you a little. We can use Tamarindo properties as an example because it's in high demand, with many properties built so we have some references to work with. 


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