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Playa Negra Jungle Sanctuary


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Nestled atop the picturesque hills overlooking Playa Negra, Jungle Sanctuary presents an unparalleled retreat that harmoniously combines opulent living with the awe-inspiring natural beauty of its environment. Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise just moments away from world-renowned white sand beaches, famed surf spots, and an array of exquisite dining venues.

Encompassed by the lively communities of Junquillal, Los Pargos (Playa Negra), and Playa Avellana, this property boasts a coveted location that epitomizes Costa Rica's coastal lifestyle at its finest. Delight in the allure of internationally acclaimed beaches, where golden sands meet rolling waves, creating a haven for surf aficionados and beach enthusiasts alike. Whether you crave traditional Blue Zone cuisine or savor the culinary delights of Michelin-rated restaurants, the dining scene caters to every taste.

While the bustling tourist hotspot of Tamarindo beckons just 30 minutes away, Jungle Sanctuary offers a tranquil escape from the urban clamor. Embrace a sense of serenity as you bask in the melodic symphony of bird calls and the gentle whispers of nature within your jungle sanctuary. These two exceptional titled parcels present a remarkable investment opportunity, currently devoid of public water and electricity infrastructure. However, this unique circumstance allows for the acquisition of these outstanding properties at a fraction of their entitled prices, showcasing remarkable value and potential.

Lot #57 spans an impressive 7,542m2 (1.86 acres), while Lot #58, which can be purchased separately at $155,000, boasts an expansive 15,542m2 (3.84 acres), totaling nearly 8 acres of prime real estate. Within the lush greenery of this enchanting landscape, meticulously cleared areas await your dream home. Majestic tropical trees adorn the property, offering shade, seclusion, and a touch of natural magnificence. A seasonal stream meanders through, enhancing its charm, while the possibility of an ocean view adds a dash of breathtaking allure. For the discerning investor appreciating the value of foresight, Jungle Sanctuary provides an opportunity to embrace nature, relish ample space, and luxuriate in absolute privacy.

Consider exploring entitlement opportunities, harnessing solar energy, and contemplating well drilling to ensure self-sustainability. Envision the extraordinary lifestyle awaiting in this hidden gem!

  • Ocean views
  • Near Beach
  • Near Golf Course
  • Tropical Mountain Views
  • Community/city water