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Playa Conchal Named Best Beach in the World!

Isabelle Emond

Playa Conchal rated the best beach in the worldJuly 2022 - Our beautiful and local Playa Conchal was ranked as the best beach in the world by Big 7 Travel in its annual publication "The 50 Best Beaches in the World"! Wow, that's something! But we already knew that. It always has been a secret amongst those living here and visitors coming back year after year. Costa Rica’s beaches are, without any doubt, precious and considered the jewels of the country.

About Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is a little piece of heaven on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, partly accessible through the luxury gated community of Reserva Conchal, a 2,600 acre property. On top of being next to the best beach of the world, this gated community also features a W hotel, a Westin Hotel, 2 beach clubs and one of the best golf courses on the Pacific Coast. The good news is that due to the strict zoning and environmental protection laws, the resort boasts low rise construction that is almost invisible from the pristine beach. 

It is also home to many long term residents living in condominiums and homes, and is only about 5 minutes from the International Private School (CRIA). Reserva Conchal has always been a favorite destination for locals and tourists looking to relax and enjoy the white sand beach with clear Carribean Ocean colors. 

Playa Conchal means "seashell beach". It retains its name because it is covered in crushed seashells, surrounded by crystal-clear water. The beach remains pretty natural, with lush trees giving some shades, perfect for tourists and locals seeking for a day "a la playa" without burning under the hot sun of the Gold Coast. People visiting can enjoy different activities at the beach - relaxing and doing nothing (that's the no1 activity on week ends), snorkeling, fishing, jet ski tours, kayaking, or just swimming in the water. You will find many people simply enjoying life at Playa Conchal, with kids playing in the sand and parents chatting together. This beach is perfect to disconnect from the computer and cell phone, and enjoying the magic of Costa Rica’s breathtaking nature. When you go to Playa Conchal, be sure to leave your phone at home and enjoy the Pura Vida life at its best!

Playa Conchal in Costa Rica is situated on the North Pacific Coast, between the popular towns of Tamarindo and Flamingo. Conchal beach can be accessed on the north side via a beach road that runs from the small town of Brasilito, which is home to the gated community of Catalina Cove. The south end of the beach is accessed by means of a road that runs off the main trunk road to Playa Grande. Follow the signs to Pirate's Cove or Playa Piratas, a small beach adjacent to Conchal, and you can branch off either to Conchal or Piratas as you near the ocean.

See for yourself, book a trip and let us know what you think! Isabelle Emond, Owner/Broker