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No more single-use styrofoam will be used in Pura Vida country!

Staff Writer

Image indicating styrofoam will be banned in Costa RicaCosta Rica, land of green and natural landscapes, lush and misty foliage and home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity, is no different to other countries when it comes to avoiding and attacking environmental issues that degrade the country’s natural life.

Evidence to back up this argument can be found in actions, such as the approval of the new law added to the Comprehensive Management of Waste plan against single-use styrofoam containers. This law took place in the Legislative Assembly in San Jose on June 13th of 2019. It states that the delivery of containers of polystyrene, commonly known as styrofoam will be banned in Costa Rica after the deputies of the Legislative Assembly approved this law this past week. It proposes to prohibit the usage of single-use styrofoam containers or packaging in commercial establishments. Instead, merchants must make available to the public packaging or containers of other materials to ensure their sustainable use.

The project was presented in January 2015 to the Congress by the political party of Frente Amplio, and this Thursday it received the unanimous support of the 40 deputies present in the Assembly. In addition, the Ministry of Health will have six months after the publication of this law to develop a national plan to encourage the gradual replacement of containers, so that owners and investors of the many enterprises that are currently using styrofoam have time to reach out to new suppliers that implement eco-friendly raw materials. However, it presents exceptions as cases in which the use of alternative materials is not feasible for reasons of hygiene, conservation and protection of food or other products.

"With this bill, we contribute to protect the environment, to reduce the production of totally unnecessary waste and the local companies are encouraged." It is important to say that the project does not prohibit the use of styrofoam in other activities where it has not been possible to replace, such as packing of home appliances and temperature isolation.

This makes it very clear that Costa Rica continues to restlessly strive for eco-friendliness, which pushes us towards a brighter and greener future and also towards our goal of becoming the first carbon-free country in Central America.

BRAVO COSTA RICA! Derrick Rowland, RE/MAX Administrative Assistant