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National symbols of Costa Rica

Staff Writer

Since a very young age, Costa Ricans learn about our nationals symbols, their background and what they represent. Costa Ricans honor and take a lot of pride on these symbols because they symbolize Costa Rican culture, way of living and traditions. Some examples below. 

The Flag: The flag was designed after the ideals of the French Revolution using the colors of the French national flag representing freedom, equality, and brotherhood. Each color represents important aspects of Costa Rica. Blue means the sky, opportunities at reach and perseverance to accomplish a goal. White means clear thinking, happiness and wisdom. Red means the warmth of Costa Rican people, their love to live and their blood shed for freedom.

National FlowerLa Guaria Morada is an orchid that waschosen as Costa Rica's national flower on June 15, 1939. Costa Rican prize the flower and associate it with the beauty of Costa Rican ladies. According to traditions, the "Guaria Morada" brings fortune and good luck.

National Shield: created in 1848 illustrates seven stars above the volcanoes. The seven stars represent the seven provinces. There are two branches of myrtle closing the coat of arms which represent peace. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are depicted in the shield. A rising sun in the background shows prosperity. The merchant ship is meant to represent the exchange that Costa Rica does with the rest of the world.

National Bird: El yiguirro was designated as national bird in November of 1976. This bird is located throughout the country and it represents earth's fertility and is the symbol of rain. The yiguirro sings to call the rain. and it generally sings at the beginning of the rainy season. 

Oxcarts: the oxcart was designated National Labor Symbol on March 22, 1988, is a rustic strong vehicle with two compact wheels moved by two oxen. The carts are often decorated and hand painted with bright lively colors in geometric patterns. The oxcarts represent how hard working Costa Ricans are and also humility, patience, endurance, and progress. These symbols represent our culture, the things we strive for as a nation and are the foundation for our principals and ideals.

Pura Vida! Derrick Rowland, REMAX Administrative Assistant