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High season is around the corner!

Staff Writer

High season is around the corner! The most expected time of the year is almost here, as high season starts in December. Being such a tourism-fueled area and community, the big majority of the residents and business owners of Playa Tamarindo as well as the rest of the Gold Coast, are excited every year when high season comes about. The Guanacaste province hosts an amazing number of tourists every year that come visit our stunning beaches and communities, and the highest percentages of people and revenue for the country, and the coastal areas is seen during this time of the year.  

From hotels, stores and restaurants to big production corporations, everyone prepares in advance for high season in order to receive the eager tourists that come to Costa Rica to delight on our renown lifestyle and amenities. One of the big factors that allow that is the accessibility to transportation, flights from Canada and the US are reasonably affordable with small variations depending on the seasons. And each year, more and more direct flights from different parts of Europe are being enabled, not to mention our Liberia International Airport and its proximity to our world class beaches. You can be checked into your hotel/condo within an hour of your arrival! And have your feet on the sand for sunset in no time. 

Another major factor that determines our high season is the most obvious one, the weather. The high season period in Costa Rica is what we consider our summer, and it is from December until Easter. With 4 long months of sun, blue skies and star-filled nights, this period becomes the most desirable time to visit. It is also the period where people fall in love with the area. Seeing our communities at their best in every sense, from weather to tourism and to business profitability, this usually ends up having people considering to make a move, maybe making an investment or buying second home in the tropics. Either or, it’s typically the high season period what steals people’s hearts, and it is generally our preferred time of the year for us residents as well! 

Are you planning a trip to Costa Rica? Let us know how we can help! 

Derrick Rowland, REMAX Administrative Assistant