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Bill Seeks to Ban Genetically Modified Foods in Costa Rica

Chris Simmons

Opposition Bill to Place a Moratorium on Genetically Modified Produce and Seed Crops

Environmental groups and lawmakers joined forces to file a bill to Congress on Friday, October 18, 2013 for a moratorium on the growth of genetically modified (GMO) crops in Costa Rica because of their potentially detrimental effects on nature and human health. 

The proposal seeks to ban GMO seed crops in Costa Rica until there is scientific agreement about the associated risks.  The bill was tabled the Citizens Action Party (PAC), biologist Fabian Pacheco and presidential candidate Jose Maria Villalta.

Pro-GMO CropLife Latin America director Martin Zuniga opposed the moratorium, arguing that, "A moratorium is needed when there is a doubt regarding any new technology. However, agricultural biotechnology is a science and researched and proven in the world, so a moratorium is unnecessary."

Zuniga believes that the moratorium on GMO cultivation in Costa Rica would hinder academic invesment and the development of biotechnology in Costa Rica.

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