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Potrero Beach

Potrero Beach is a fantastic Costa Rican beach community.  I have seen many changes in Portero Beach in 16 years, there has been an increase in market value and new people coming to the area in search of a lifestyle change.

One of the greatest things about this area is the sense of community.  There are individuals, small business and non-profit organizations that work together to improve the local community. 

Potrero Beach is a town where you can experience a good taste of Costa Rican culture, there are many families that have lived in the area for over 100 years.  Some still live very traditionally, raising cattle and horses, residing in typical wood homes, and cooking over a fire.  In Portero you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset on a local bar stool, or sitting in a cool lounge with a nice ocean views.

Another great thing about living in Portero is that you will learn how to slow down, how to be more patience, how to appreciate how fortunate you are in life.  Living in this place we help you remember what life is about. 

Remember, we live the “Pura Vida” here and we hope you are ready for it!

Estela Reyes, Real Estate Agent