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The Costa Rica People - "Ticos"


Happy Costa Rican People - TicosThe Costa Rican people call themselves Ticos, and you will find them warm and outgoing. Moreover, they have been ranked as among the happiest people in the world. While traveling throughout the country, it is always possible to find a friendly face ready to offer a helpful hand if you need assistance.

English is becoming more prevalent, but the primary language in Costa Rica is Spanish. Your life here will be greatly enhanced if you learn at least some of the local language. We recommend a crash course in Spanish before you come to Costa Rica if you have time. There are also some very good Spanish schools in our area. Talk to our RE/MAX Ocean Surf and Sun agents about their favorite Spanish schools. They will be more than happy to make some suggestions.

Since Costa Rica real estate is attracting new residents from around the world, populations in towns like Tamarindo are very multi-cultural. The expats are commonly called The Gringos and are well accepted in the communities. It is not uncommon to hear Spanish, English, Italian, French, and German among others in the span of an hour.