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Having a baby, it's a big deal! How about in Costa Rica?

Chris Spears

Having a baby, that's a big deal. Having a baby in Costa Rica, what do you know about that? That's what we're gonna do today, we're going to talk about having a baby in Costa Rica and give you the ins and outs of what to expect. My name is Chris Spears, I just had a baby and so we thought that would be a perfect topic to do a blog about.

Howler Monkey with baby on it's backLet's start with the woman being pregnant. So my wife is pregnant we start going to the hospital to get her regular check ups. During our visits to the hospital something interesting happened. My wife comes home and says that she's going to start taking a class, and my first thought is class what is this class about and what are they going to teach you? This I think is awesome! So my wife explains to me that one day a week six hours a day she's going to get together with about 20 other pregnant women and the hospital's going to bring in a specialist each week. One week a specialist in pediatric care, another specialist is a nurse that has help mothers give birth and another specialist in another field.

So what they do is, they put all the pregnant woman together in a room and they just let them ask questions what's the deal with this what should I expect with this what should I know about that and the specialist answers all of the questions from all of these pregnant women alleviating all of their fears and anxiety. And then my wife would come home and tell me all about what she had learned during the class and I have never heard of this in United States. And an excellent part of this is, all of it is free because of the socialized medicine. So we're going to start with that -  during the pregnancy: amazing! I give that huge spectacular!

So how about the cost of having a baby in Costa Rica? So we have the option of having the baby in a private hospital with a private doctor and there would be a cost associated with it - it will be $4400 to have the baby in the hospital with a private doctor. And that is kind of the route that we were leaning towards. Even though me and my wife are both part of the socialized medicine here in Costa Rica we thought it might be best to have the baby in a private hospital with a private doctor. That is until the doctor, my private doctor, in the private hospital told me.  If anything goes wrong during the pregnancy and your wife giving birth in the private hospital we will immediately transfer your wife and the baby to the public hospital. And of course I asked well why is that? And then he explained that its because in the public hospital is where they have the state of the art equipment and that's where they have the doctors with the most experience who have helped women give birth hundreds of times and they're the most equipped to deal with any problems that might arise. And then my reaction was, well why don't we just start at the public hospital and will be closer in case anything goes wrong.

Holding his newborn baby in Costa Rica

So one day, as part of the class that my wife was taken, they scheduled all of the husbands to attend the class. So I attended and this is what happened. They have the doctor accompanying the wife and the husband to all parts of the hospital explaining everything is going to happen the day that the wife gives birth. They show you when you come in the hospital you're going to enter over here when your wife is going to go over there and then after she's done and finished over there, then you both will be transferred over here where are you and your wife will wait until she's ready to give birth. Then when she's ready to give birth here is where you will change clothes Chris and get ready for the process. Then you were both going to this room Chris this is where you are staying with Elena and this is where you will lay down and then they explain everything that's going to happen and it really gets rid of all of the reasons to be nervous and anxious or at least to a reasonable degree most of them. So, cost: FREE!

Quality of care, quality of preparation: amazing spectacular. How about the hospital itself? Well it is not what I'm accustomed to seeing when I see hospitals in the United States. But, the maternity ward is entirely different! That part of the hospital is state-of-the-art! The best equipment the most luxurious facilities and the best people. By me having the baby in Costa Rica, that qualifies me to get citizenship in Costa Rica. So my baby, she will become a citizen of Costa Rica obviously and because I'm from the United States should become United States citizen also.

We hope that this video blog has answered quite a few questions obviously we can't answer all of the questions that you might have. We would love it if you would write or asked me any of the questions that you might have about Real estate and of course about having a baby in Costa Rica

Chris Spears