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The silver lining of Costa Rica’s Gold Coast

Tired of being stressed, pressured at work or stuck in traffic for hours? if you are reading this blog, it likely means that you are going through the process of changing your lifestyle. Well, then you just knocked on the right door. Costa Rica and more specifically Tamarindo and the area where we, REMAX agents, are working. It is the place where all your dreams will come true.

Accessing Guanacaste is easier than you think!

So you want to come to the Golden Coasts of Rica? Well it’s your lucky day because this goal has become more attainable than ever before! The avenues and modes of transportation available even within the last year are making that process far easier to facilitate, which means that ultimately it is much more convenient to see the places and properties you may want to think of buying or investing in. It’s one thing to just visit here once as a tourist, it’s quite another endeavor to travel here frequently.  What are your options? Is it convenient?


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