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Costa Rica Tops In Latin America In Country Brand Strength


Costa Rica is tops of the 19 Latin American countries in FutureBrand's global study of country brand strength, which assess the strength of a country brand in much the same way as any other brand.

The FutureBrand study measures awareness, familiarity, preference, consideration, advocacy and active decisions to visit or interact with a place.

But the most important factors — the aspects that truly differentiate a country brand — are its associations and attributes across five key dimensions: Value System, Quality of Life, Good for Business, Heritage and Culture and Tourism.

A strong country brand is more than the sum of its attributes: in total, it must make people’s lives better.

For 2011 FutureBrand Costa Rica moved up from 3ed place in 2010.

Following Costa Rica in the top Latin American countries are Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay and El Salvador.

The FutureBrand 2011-2012 Country Brand Index is their most comprehensive study of country brands to date. It is based on more respondents across more countries and questions than ever before.

Between July 18 and 27, 2011, FutureBrand collective quantitive data from .500 frequent business and leisure travelers and opinion-formers in 14 countries around the world. Additionally, between August 19 and September 7, 2011, FutureBrand connected with experts in tourism, export, investment and public policy in 16 different cities around the world.

The top ten country brands in the world are: Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, United States, Sweden, Finland, France and Italy.

Changes in top country brands
For the first time since the CBI's founding, the United Kingdom does not appeal in the top ten. FutureBrand points out that country brand strength is not a function of geographic size or economic power. China demonstrates this very fact with a fall in ice places to 65th position in 2011, despite having the world's largest population.

For the United States its been a challenging year. Displaced by Canada in 2010 and now down another two places to sixth overall, the United States suffers from a downward trend in brand strength that mirrors troubled socio-political and economic fortunes.

Country brands have to focus on several dimensions to perform well in today's increasingly connected world. Key dimensions that make up a country brand are: Value System, Quality of Life, Good for Business, Heritage and Culture and Tourism.

In the Value System, Costa Rica places 25th in the top 25 countries that is led by Sweden and followed by Denmark. Canada places 5ht, and the US 14th.

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