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European visitors to Costa Rica on the rise

Growing numbers of Europeans are boosting Costa Rica’s healthy tourism industry. Costa Rica receives nearly 2.9 million visitors annually and is by far the Central American leader in tourism for its spectacular beaches, stable political system, friendly locals and incredible natural beauty. While Americans account for approximately 40% of visitors to Costa Rica, Europeans now represent nearly 25%.

Amazon vs Local Shopping

Every time you visit a new country or a new location, you want to shop for souvenirs. We have lots of that in Tamarindo, there are all kinds of things to bring back home as cool hardwood kitchenware, t-shirts etc .The difference is when you actually decide to live here, your needs change from souvenirs to clothing, shoes, groceries, electronic devices, tools, toys, baby stuff like cribs, carseats, sheets, zippy cups, special bottles, etc.

My experience with the private medical system in Costa Rica

I am Canadian from Quebec, accustomed to a medical system with poor service. In Quebec, it is not uncommon to wait 2-3 years on a waiting list for an appointment or surgery, even if it’s something serious.  It’s never important enough to have a quick appointment unless you are just about to die. I am used to never getting a full diagnostic because they usually don’t find what you have. Why? not because the doctors are unqualified... no, it's because they are too busy!

Liberia International Airport’s New Expansion Will Bring More Tourism to Guanacaste Than Ever Before

Costa Rica is an amazing land full of its share of beauty and naturals wonders, and visiting or living in Costa Rica has always come with a measure of excitement and fascination. Traveling to Costa Rica however, has not always been easy. There are wonders to see and do in almost every region and Guanacaste, in the northwest section of the country, is no different. Known as Costa Rica’s gold coast, Guanacaste offers an amazing mix of dazzling coastline, breath taking landscapes, lush jungles and beautiful wildlife.


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