* Talk the Talk – WALK THE WALK – How to choose a Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica

Look at these questions and imagine yourself asking them of a prospective Real Estate Agent in Costa Rica. Have you ever built a house in Costa Rica? Have you ever went to the Municipality and applied for building permits in Costa Rica? Have you ever met with contractors and negotiated prices in Costa Rica? Not only looking for the lowest price from the contractor, but also looking for and knowing how to get the balance between price and quality, in Costa Rica?

* Vacation Rental Property as Investment in Costa Rica

Are you thinking of investing in property in Costa Rica and using it as a vacation rental?

That is a great idea and one that many people have profited from over the years. This idea allows you to buy a property at it’s best price and then use it to bring in revenue for yourselves. It might be that you are in the beginning of a 5 year plan to retirement  and want to lock in the property of your dreams or have come into some money that you would like to put to work. Buying a Vacation Rental Property is a very good option.

* The silver lining of Costa Rica’s Gold Coast

Tired of being stressed, pressured at work or stuck in traffic for hours? if you are reading this blog, it likely means that you are going through the process of changing your lifestyle. Well, then you just knocked on the right door. Costa Rica and more specifically Tamarindo and the area where we, REMAX agents, are working. It is the place where all your dreams will come true.

* Life is good! Pura Vida :-)


I have been reading a lot online recently about the world economy, the terrorism, the politic in the world, and all of what is published on the thousands of news websites. The world had changed so much since I am young that I have the impression I am 95 years old but I am actually just 43. 

* Mon stage au Costa Rica - My internship in Costa Rica - PART 2

J-10, c’est l’heure du Bilan !

Après 80 jours passés au Costa Rica, je peux dire que ma façon d’être et ma façon de penser ont énormément changées.

* Mon stage au Costa Rica - My internship in Costa Rica - PART 1

Voilà, je vis depuis 1 mois au Costa Rica et j’ai été adoptée par Remax !

Etudiante en seconde année d’école de commerce à Rodez, je suis passionnée par le management, le marketing, la communication, le droit et tout ce qui touche de près ou de loin à la gestion d’une entreprise. Dans le cadre de mon cursus scolaire, je dois réaliser un stage à l’étranger de 3 mois pour valider mon 4ème semestre.

* Tamarindo Art Wave

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